Custom Events

Beemray’s SDK EventAPI provides functionalities to send custom events to Beemray platform.

Custom events are built using the Beemray EventAPI and are inserted directly to web site source code by the customer.
They are not managed via the Honeypot UI,  Honeypot UI only includes an option for the admin to choose those custom events as web source rules once the custom event scripts are in place on site. 

In order for a Beemray audience to be fulfilled, the custom event needs to be set as a web source rule and the custom event script needs to be on site. 

Example 1:

  • Use case: Target an audience that is working in the London City and is currently at the office (location=City, state=work, when=now).
  • Integration: Integrate Beemray with Google DFP using key value pairs.
  • Benefit: Realtime advertising targeting for people at the office during lunch hours.